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Are you travelling to Dubai? Whether you are going with your family, friends or with that special someone. Dubai has something mysterious in store for you! Dubai is a spot where modern technology joins history and culture, awaits to be explored. There is a profusion of things to be done and seen in Dubai, so when options are limitless, experiences are boundless. Horizonless deserts and outstanding skyscrapers, makes Dubai as a popular destination among tourists. Dubai always possesses a spectacular mania towards architecture, and this has evolved into an edifice of astonishing engineering. Every vein of Dubai that branches out from its heart always reaches a sky-high building or a sprawling mall. That’s why we say that Dubai’s anatomy always revolves around luxury.

Have you ever wanted to go abroad for a vacation, but couldn’t make it due to your bustling schedules or due to the thought of complex procedures that come with a visa application? As a vacation spot, Dubai is top one on every traveller’s list. It is the 4th most visited city in the world after London, Paris and Bangkok and is the home of world’s tallest tower. Dubai also bears the beauty of world-famous theme parks, adventurous sports, and best family gateways. To visit Dubai, you will require a UAE tourist visa which is valid for a particular duration. And with the UAE Visa, you get a chance to travel to all the seven United Arab Emirates Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. If you are searching for a perfect Dubai holiday, then you are at the right place. What if we tell you, that getting an UAE Visa is as simple as getting a movie ticket? Yes, you read that right!

Providing you the best of your holidays, Muwaileh Tourism has an enchanting list of Dubai tour packages. Whether you are planning for a Dubai family trip package, honeymoon package, tour package or anything we can offer you the best discounts and offers. An UAE tourist visa is must for travelling to the UAE for any recreational purpose. The type of UAE visa required will depend on so many factors such as nationality, duration and purpose of your visit, etc. We are one of the leading UAE Visa experts providing visa services at minimum documentation and affordable price.

Muwaileh Tourism has a history of being part of more than one million travel dreams so we can offer you a hassle-free way for your visa application. Our highly professional and responsible team of Visa Experts will make those Dubai dream wiring more quickly. During the application for a UAE Visa, it is important to note that your application is correct, and all the required documents are provided. This will avoid the chances of visa rejection.

To get a UAE visa, the following documents are required.
• Scanned colour photograph of the applicant (white background).
• Scanned colour copy of the applicant’s passport.
• Scanned colour copy of the applicant’s pan card.

Many people travel to Dubai every year! The number of visa applications received by UAE authorities every year is exceptional. So, you must give a clear explanation about the following statements.
• Purpose of your visit to Dubai.
• Duration of your stay.
• Validity of your passport.
• Type of passport you hold.

Very rarely, some applications might take longer due to the requirement of personal interviews or additional documents. Type of passport you hold. From December to February, the high season time the visa process might take longer so it is recommended to apply for the Dubai Visa, at least a month prior, to avoid delays. Instead of planning an action to deal with the complex situations later, it’s better to think about them now. Also, it is always good to store some basic ideas about visa rules and regulations before applying for a visa. That’s why we are just giving you some advice on a few things which will help you in your visa application. Our economic and enjoyable Dubai tour packages will provide you wonderful Dubai trip without causing any rupture to your bank account. Please feel free to contact us for any UAE Visa worries. So, if your dream is to visit a charismatic and tremendous destination like our Bollywood celebrities, then the city of gold is waiting for you.

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