Dubai in December 2022? The picturesque and iconic city of lights that you see when flying into Middle Eastern hubs across the Atlantic.

It’s a strange time, to be honest, but December is always a good month to visit Dubai. It’s warm and pleasant, with street parties and fireworks displays all over the city. The atmosphere is one of the festive celebrations, so why would you not want to visit the city this time of year? It’s also when most people go away from work for Christmas and spend some relaxing time with their closest ones.

December is the month of Christmas, New Year, and of course, Surprises. Just like how Dubai’s weather varies from one season to the next, December 2022 will be a special month for many people as well. The Golden City’s anticipation level is getting higher with each passing day and also Dubai is the HubSpot for the FIFA world cup 2022 held in Qatar.

The 2020s and 2022 are going to be the best decade for you if you know what to do. Visit Dubai in December 2022 for that matter. The city is going to be amazing in December, so consider taking a break from your routine and making the most out of it with the exclusive packages of Muwaileh Tourism.


On November 20, a grand opening ceremony marked the beginning of the FIFA World Cup Qatar. The UAE will be your hub to dive into this FIFA fever with more energy.

There’s no reason to feel left out of the action if you’re not traveling to Qatar. Amazing fan zones have opened up throughout the UAE, offering live screenings of every game as well as the chance to embrace the football spirit with entertaining activities, shopping and merchandising, and food and beverage packages.

Here is a list of locations in the UAE where you may watch the matches.

• The Football Park at DIFC, Dubai
• Expo City Dubai
• Majlis Al Sultan, Dubai
• VZ’s Football Fan Zone, Dubai
• Stadium Fan Zone at City Walk, Dubai
• Club Vista Mare, Logs and Embers, Dubai
• BudX FIFA Fan Festival
• adidas Family House, The Dubai Mall

So, if you want to melt your FIFA fever with the whole spirit of football, December is the best month for you.


The average temperature in Dubai during the month of December ranges from 24°C to 30°C. Thus, Dubai has a dry and hot climate, even in December. This makes it ideal for individuals who wish to venture outside and explore.

• Average Temperature: High – 26ºC Low – 14ºC
• Daily Wind Speed: 7.9 mph
• Average Rainfall: 0.4-1.7 inches


December is a special time of the year that brings with it many happy occasions, from the holiday season to New Year’s Eve parties and a whole lot in between. But one thing that is largely overlooked is the fact that this month marks the beginning of the new year as well. Therefore, as a part of our celebrations, why not make plans to celebrate Christmas at the heart of the UAE?

Christmas in the UAE has a lot to offer, including sing-along carols, seasonal markets, and warm ski chalet stays. There are a variety of events happening all throughout the month. This includes The Dubai Shopping Festival, which is perfect for any last-minute Christmas shopping.

The Dubai Mall, one of the biggest shopping centre in Dubai, is an astounding 12.1 million square feet and is home to 1200 retail stores. It’s a perfect fusion of top-notch leisure, dining, entertainment attractions, and much more all under one roof, is just like how the entire city is decorated for the Christmas festivities. The Dubai Aquarium also offers a trip out of this planet with one of the largest fish tanks you can walk through.

Additionally, there are the thrilling holiday markets with a Christmas theme at the St. Regis Dubai, the Santa Shuffle bar crawl, the Great British Christmas Ball, which includes Yule log and Christmas pudding, and the Dubai Winter Festival, which is the biggest weekend of holiday fun in Dubai!


Here are some quick tips to make your UAE trip easier this December.

• We advise making reservations in advance if you plan to go out for Christmas dinner because the cost may be a little more given that it is the holiday season.
• Make sure you bring a swimsuit because the city has a lovely beach and most hotels have pools inside.
• On Christmas, the entire city’s public transportation system is running. It can be used to organize your commute within the city.
• Considering the weather, you can bring a few cardigans and light, flowy cotton garments.
• Schedule your trip plans earlier because there are a lot of offers on flight tickets during the festive season.

The city of Dubai is preparing for you. But if you want to be the best, you have to start preparing yourself first. That’s why the city has decided to give you a head start by announcing its plans for December 2022 earlier than everyone else.

You’ll be able to see an orange-coloured sunrise in December 2022. Come, that’s the ideal way to start your day in Dubai!

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